A deep voice is synonymous with soul shaking sexiness.
"Jonathan's deep voice makes me smile"
by RockStarNoj March 29, 2017
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That thing you want as a 13 year old but once you get don’t give a shit about anymore
Deep voice: noun, when your vocal box reaches critical state for pain on the inside
Girl 1: Jared’s voice is soo deep
Girl 2: Ik omg I’d ride him if I got the chance his voice is so sexy
by That_nugglet June 22, 2021
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a hot deep voice that taleisha will like ;)
boy with a hot deep voice talks:
taleisha: again please😩
by Taleishapajero May 17, 2021
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He is a pathetic mug who has a kinky fetish For his dog he thinks he is hard as his dick as it ruptures Riley’s saw ass
Mr deep voice-cocky weirdo called Edward
by Azuacu April 11, 2021
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His name is Andre and he was born in Fort Colonge, Quebec. He likes hard rock; his favourite bands include Guns n Roses, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet, Poison and April Wine. His favourite meal is Molson Export. If you want to know more about his life story, place your ear on the ground when you are upstowns and listen to the vibrations
"I just heard a loud vibrash and a beat up pontiac blaring Def Leppard just pulled up in the parking lot. Deep Voice guy must have arrived."
by Lasenza girl August 30, 2007
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Two girls who talk in deep man voices who exterminate bees and spiders. They love to sing Love Like Woe from The Ready Set in deep voices while they exterminate.
Have you heard of the Deep Voiced Women Exterminators? They sound like men when they kill bees and spiders. That's totally hot.
by cheywillattackattackyou December 14, 2010
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