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Well known for his stupidity and glorious fuckups; the term "Bakered" was created after the infamous Corey Baker. This term is slang forscrewed up, or fucked up.
Terrell Owens schooled the corner on a double move, Owens then Bakered the catch.
by 13B-MSP June 07, 2010
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When someone says they are on their way to hang out in a short amount of time. Then never shows up and doesn't answer their phone. If this happens you have been bakered.
Ray: I called Nick, he said 5 minutes till he gets here just getting gas. Steve: Alright cool. *50 minutes pass* *Steve calls Nick, no answer* Steve: We officially just got bakered.
by beenbakeredmultipletimes January 02, 2010
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To have an object that is thrown to poke one of your eyes.
Watch where you are throwing that pencil! You almost Bakered me!
by Sir Sven II January 12, 2009
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