Ex. 1

"Rodolfo 'Cheyenne' Cadena was born on April 15, 1943 in Bakersfield, California. In 1959, he and fellow Bakers homeboy Richie Ruiz were convicted of stabbing a man to death outside a Bakersfield dance hall."

Mundo Mendoza, 'Cheyenne Cadena - A Mafia Legend' July 27, 2019

Ex. 2

Ice Pick: Remember the homey Jamie Osuna from Bakers?

Snuffy: Yeah bro! That dude was a savage!

Ice Pick: Was? He still is! He beheaded his cellie and made a necklace out of the dude's organs!

Snuffy: Oh shit! Damn! Them dudes from Bakers don't fuck around!
by ZXY&ABC May 7, 2020
A group of individuals who indulge in the practice of using cannabis/marijuana.
Are you bakers gonna smoke up today?
by Michael Quance April 4, 2011
Well known for his stupidity and glorious fuckups; the term "Bakered" was created after the infamous Corey Baker. This term is slang forscrewed up, or fucked up.
Terrell Owens schooled the corner on a double move, Owens then Bakered the catch.
by 13B-MSP June 7, 2010
to totally fuck something up by means that are unexplainable by any human being
That anvil was whole until he Bakerized it into three pieces. "That guy could fuck up an anvil."
by N1 November 7, 2005
An item or object that's had the shit beaten out of it, either intentionally or as a result of sheer incompetence.
He really Bakerized that server rack.
by El Borracho27 December 16, 2008
To blow something out, whilst having one arm extended to the sky
He used the baker method to clear out the smoke detector
by SullyGSXR March 21, 2021
A man who takes the privilege of a girl's (or girls') first cream pie.
That man must be a baker with that smile.

I am gonna go to the bakery today.

My boyfriend was the baker for me.

My mom says that she LOVES her baker! I want one too!
by xx69_Seth Rogen_69xx March 24, 2013