What happens when a viral video gets old, but refuses to die.
I've seen that ninja cat video so many times it's GOT to be bacterial by now!
by SonOfALink April 21, 2009
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When your minge stanks of fish and no one wants to come near you cos you’re so stanky. Get it treated. ASAP.
Person 1: eww something smells of fish
Person 2: it wouldn’t if you closed your legs Keira

Person 3: it’s not her fault, she has bacterial vaginosis
by Wagwanblud234 December 16, 2019
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(ABG as an acronym) is a collective on internet kids making trash music on soundcloud, they're still working on the debut album but legends say that they will never finish it
person 1 : Anti Bacterial Gang
Cuba : i like dicks !
Muchii777 : Josh finish the album (i hate ra)
Josh : ok
Eli : i like men
Kio : yoooooo
Mags :
Zeon : owo
Lei : im short as fuck and canadian holy shit
by Epilepsy Warning July 13, 2022
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1. A community hot tub used by many people and rarely cleaned.
2. A small tub or pool outdoors at a condo/apartment building definitely tainted with semen, blood, piss, shit, snot, and vomit from a variety of people.
"Make sure you wipe the greasy, brown foam off your body when you're done with the human bacterial frappuccino."
"You might want to stay away from that human bacterial frappuccino. My neighbor got hepatitis, tetanus, and pregnant the last time she used it."
by Apecreature November 14, 2019
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A vaginal infection that prevents two people from taking part in the only fulfilling area of their relationship. Thus, destroying the relationship
Sounds like a bacterial relationship destroyer to me.
by Ramsus90 December 13, 2010
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A rare type of gingivitis caused by processed toothpastes
AYO, Gideon got that Bacterial Stenosis
by 9 out of 10 dentists April 27, 2021
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To be covered in or exposed to a large amount of bacteria.
1. I think I have food poisoning because that chicken sat out too long and became highly bacterialed.

2. I scrubbed the cootied, bacterialed counter with lysol wipes for so long that my arm muscles gave out.
by NayKay June 10, 2020
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