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A vaginal infection causing one's "business" to smell like pike place market on a hot sunday afternoon. See: Esther Ramirez.
When Esther's vaginosis makes you'r eyes water.
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A mental disorder that causes some men to act as if they had a vagina. Its symptoms are inability to step up, constant whining, and an inability to join certain baseball leagues.
Michael would not stop complaining about his phone because of his severe vaginosis.
by a money 223 January 19, 2010
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A stankin ass pink taco. Usually occurs if the womans been sitting in the hot sun all day in biker shorts with her fat rolls hangin over the cooch so it can't air out. Result, a stankin cooter.
That bishes poot nanny stank so bad she must have vaginosis
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1. A made-up disease where the main symptom is constantly acting like a vag

2. A person who constantly partakes in acts of vagery

3. A man who is always very effeminate

4. The disease exhibited by a homosexual male

5. The attribution of a vagina to a man
Rick: "What the hell is Yuriy's problem? He didn't come out to the bar so he could stay home and watch The Bachelor?"
Tom: "Yeah, he picked up a bad case of vaginosis last week."

"What a bitch, has Amanda always had that bad a case of vaginosis?"

Tom: "I can't believe that he didn't bet those pocket aces pre-flop."
Rick: "Looks like he's playing with a bad case of vaginosis."

Rick: "Did you hear about gay Joe?"
Dylan: "Yeah, I heard he got vaginosis."
Rick: "No, he got AIDS."
by Mr. Rickboto October 19, 2006
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