The act of being thrown under the bus by a co-worker in a meeting or social setting.
"Geez thanks Robert, you really BUSSED me in that meeting with Kristy"
by Petey Ross August 18, 2020
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When something is better than good... it’s like reallllyy good...AMAZING
Him: “This food is so good
Her: “Its buss buss right!”

by Guuurrrlll August 9, 2019
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When ever your about to ejaculate you scream buss buss
Omg I’m about to Buss Buss
by AggroFluffy May 4, 2023
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To describe something that's good. Usually used in saying if food is bad or not, actually it means the food is great! However when it is said or used consecutively, then whatever you're describing is brilliant in every way!
-eating 2 minute noodles-

Aye Yo this shit bussing.
-eating RAMEN-
Yo this Ramen bussing bussing !!!
by Good Vibe March 28, 2021
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Bussing is generally used with food. It means that the food is amazing. As of late, it is common to see people using this word multiple times, thus, attempting to express how good the food was.
Yo these tacos are Bussing bussin’!! I’m definitely gonna have to get more!
by Gabowave April 26, 2021
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1- A term used to describe having fun. Usually related to sexual acts.

2- An exclamatory remark, a call for action.
1- "Hey, Marielle, want to go to that frat party tonight? I wanna buss it!"

2- "Buss it!"
by HottMesss December 24, 2009
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