To describe something that's good. Usually used in saying if food is bad or not, actually it means the food is great! However when it is said or used consecutively, then whatever you're describing is brilliant in every way!
-eating 2 minute noodles-

Aye Yo this shit bussing.
-eating RAMEN-
Yo this Ramen bussing bussing !!!
by Good Vibe March 28, 2021
Bussing is generally used with food. It means that the food is amazing. As of late, it is common to see people using this word multiple times, thus, attempting to express how good the food was.
Yo these tacos are Bussing bussin’!! I’m definitely gonna have to get more!
by Gabowave April 26, 2021
the act of sitting at a bus bench/stop(perferably late at night when you are the only one at stop) then as soon as bus comes to a complete stop get up and walk away
"the bus driver honked in furry as the kid walked away from the bench he was bussing at"
by Hixystx September 4, 2011
used when asking or telling someone whether or not they will be catching the bus
"hey Achmed, you bussing today?"
"nah im gonna walk home today"
by Cooper Pooper Scooper September 3, 2008
The Anti-Christ of wingman'ing. To do the complete opposite of helping out a fellow comrade in the pursuit of an individual. Also referred to as Captain Cockblock.
Rosco is bussing me really badly with this girl.
by hudson18 May 30, 2013
A verb used in DC schools meaning to cut in line.
by DC Tutor March 18, 2010
the act of sitting down ANYWHERE with your legs bent under your chin and putting your arms around your legs.

kiinda sorta like planking but BETTER
Look at those two idiots bussing on the ground

- don't they know you threw up over there

I guess not
by iiLoveAsiianss October 26, 2011