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1- A term used to describe having fun. Usually related to sexual acts.

2- An exclamatory remark, a call for action.
1- "Hey, Marielle, want to go to that frat party tonight? I wanna buss it!"

2- "Buss it!"
by HottMesss December 24, 2009
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To describe an action without describing the action.

Bussit originally came from the words "Bust it" And/or "Bust a Move"

Made popular from the 80's rapper Young Mc - Bust a Move
See example in first second of song.
i.e " Hey Buddy, you wanna go to Mc.Kibbon's tonight?
reply: Let's Bussit bru"
by Mtl talk 123 November 18, 2010
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A nickname you call a nigga when he has good dick
Yea he my bussit cause when we fuck he make me bust
by Stupidmuthafuckaa October 09, 2018
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