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E-mail term. An acronym for "Blind Carbon Copy". BCC lists
addresses to which a message should be sent, but which will
not be seen by the recipients.
Supported by most e-mail systems, a normal, non-blind "CC" header would be visible to all recipients, thus allowing them to reply to each other as well as to the sender. The addresses listed in a BCC header are not included in the copies of the message sent to the recipients.
"I've decided to BCC: my boss, Karen, so nobody's on best behaviour, and she can see some of the interoffice communications to which she otherwise wouldn't be privy." --Said by office tattletale who, in a just world, would be hung by the toes over a roaring bonfire while the rest of the office roasts marshmallows and sips hot cocoa in celebration of their early bonuses (which turns out to actually be the divvying up of said tattletale's yearly salary).
by TheChickWhoTkOvrDWrld August 16, 2006
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