Tom: Dude, I just got the sweetest B.J., she did it like a pro
Jack: Oh really? Who was it, I want some of that B.J. action
Tom: was your mom
Jack: ?!
by ihearthead July 30, 2011
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Short term for Blowjob-which is the sucking of a man's penis
by kevin November 01, 2003
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by axjbalsjfhboqlidfuhb December 03, 2019
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stands for Begeejuz, basically a bedazzled Jesus.
Person one: What does B.J mean?
Person two: Sound it out
Person one: Oh, I know. It means Begeejuz, doesn't it?
Person two: Okay...
by ZBAVA May 13, 2009
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A suitable alternative for sex while your girlfriend/wife is menstruating also known as a blow job. More specifically as a counter to a woman who uses her period (Aunt Flo)as an excuse to avoid sex.
"I don't care if Aunt Flo is in town as long as she brought Uncle B.J."
by Saltine Nachos February 20, 2009
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While receiving oral sex, a girl must pronounce "Houshmandzadeh" with your penis in her mouth.
"My girlfriend scored some extra points last Sunday when she successfully performed the B.J. Houshmandzadeh."
by Cincinnati Spillcat September 19, 2009
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