A group, or pack, of Gyarados. Generally at least three or more Gyarados.
That atrocity absolutely wrecked Dewford city.
by DDyarados September 4, 2019
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Atrocity was so good it was a Atrocity to watch them destroy othe clans
by WDFBBQHAX April 2, 2008
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A descriptive word meaning horrible and or disgusting.
Jim: They atroced me with that fashion sense!
Carey: I know it was horrid.
by wordsaremid November 13, 2022
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This term is similar to the apostrophe catastrophe, but it is reserved for the most revolting of apostrophe errors. Only a true abomination of a linguist would commit an apostrophe atrocity.
Examples of the apostrophe atrocity:

"Did yo'u do the home'work?"

"I do'nt think that its nece'ssary"

"O'h loo'k, its our Eng'lish teach'er"

"Why i's sh'e cryi'ng?
by Enigmatical November 18, 2010
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a reprehensible conflict of interest, usually political in nature, benefiting three parties; an arrangement among three people intended to enrich themselves.
The politician's spokesman worked at a newspaper before he joined the politician's payroll, but his wife still works for the paper. She writes about politics. What a menage atrocity!
conflict of interest ethics morals scruples greed corruption politics self-serving bureaucracy abuse politicians media
by Brunette, not Blonde April 19, 2010
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A man or woman whose physical appearance is simply beyond fucked up it is an atrocity
Son, I saw your boy the other day, dude had missin teeth and shit looks like he's doin bad. What? Yo for real? Yeah, a walking atrocity. Damn!
by godchef July 5, 2010
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Another way for someone to say they want to have sex
Would you like to commit atrocities with me?
by [REEDACTED] September 28, 2022
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