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Someone sick to death of hearing all of the following:

So, how many languages do you speak?

You should work for the UN. They speak languages.

You mean so you can, like, invent new languages? There's a lot of money in that, you know.

I like reading the dictionary.

So, are you a cunning linguist?

Chomsky. (knowing nod)

Oh, so you know where words come from.

Wanna come work for the CIA with us?
That linguist is fucking hot.
by linguisticious September 28, 2006
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Can have religious connotations. In Genesis, God destroys a the Tower of Babel which man is building in order to reach the heavens. He also scatters man across the world and gives them different languages so that people cannot communicate with one another.
Describing someone as a 'linguist' suggests he is one who can unite mankind once more, and free him from oppression. Potentially, he does this through his poetic skill rather than through speaking all the world's languages.
Of course, it's used a bit more lightly than all that...
That rapper is a linguist.
by SpookyTheGhost January 11, 2007
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