Carey is usually a hot girl that is very outgoing. Carey is a girl with many talents especially in athletics. She is thick and you are lucky if you can find one! She is always so kind and will always stick up for you even if you are not her friend. Although her name can come up a lot not everything that is said is true you have to get to know her to like her.
You got a girl like Carey, I wouldn't let her go
by Careylover6969 July 6, 2018
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The name given to a girl unique from all others. Her personality will never fail you; her good humour will always bring a smile to your face, her quirkiness will make you happy and her loyalty will make you grateful to be her friend. She will appear in your life out of nowhere and you will never want her to leave. Although it's not obvious, there is something beautiful about her you can't help but notice. It will feel that no one quite gets you like she does.
What would I do without Carey?
by Bluntman2910 April 11, 2011
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The most prettiest girl you'll ever meet. She is normally irish. She loves to dance and have fun with her friends. Favorite food is most likely pasta. Most careys are girls. Guy careys now thats just weird..... and carey is normally very god at spanish shes also really pretty! did i already mention that? oops. She normally has brown hair and brown eyes. Has the best song named pretty girl rock and loves to sing it. She has a nice derriare as well.
My name is carey im so very fly oh my its a little bit scary
by Will.I.Am.The.Third. March 15, 2011
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Sometimes a guys name, and in this case is. He has a great sense of humor. Loves to fish. Has money.
Carey caught a huge fish
by JuiceBox! June 18, 2008
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Sweet Irish-heritage girl who frequently gets asked if she spells her name with a K or C, especially by baristas at coffee houses. She will blush, yet proudly and loudly provide the right spelling, repeating herself up to 3 times if need be. Her first name may often be confused for her last name, but that doesn't get this darling lady down. Middle name is frequently Anne, or sticking with the Irish idea, Shannon.

Carey frequently, and secretly, revels in the idea of a unique spelling for her common name, and her sense of specialness flows over to you; thus when you are with Carey, you feel special as well.
I met a girl named Keri... Carrie... oh, she was so special, this Carey spelled her name C-a-r-e-y.
by kcjsmama February 3, 2010
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Coolest girl you'll ever meet. She enjoys yarn balls, coffee, antique stores and calm music like Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons. She's so granola. You should be friends with Carey and she'll bring you free snowcones. Carey is the best roommate in the world.
I want to be just like Carey.
by PHATTERSON August 26, 2011
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Stuck-up, pass around who will pretend to be genuine but ultimatly only about herself. Will drop to her knees even when shes not asked continues to try even after refusal. Tends to be a lying, no good, cheating, pathetic puke of a person. Also answers to "goldentwat" or "worn-out Wilma"
The special kinda karma Carey has coming is much deserved.
by realgalpal1 April 3, 2016
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