to do one, or to flex. a word used to let someone know you are going
im missin, i will catch you in a bit
by d boy December 10, 2005
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Missin; to be without someone who is fun to be with and great in bed, often refers to men named Andrew. Long bouts of "missin" can be associated with lonliness, boredom, excessive drinking and self pleasuring.
e.g. Yo I is missin ya Nigga
by J9 January 8, 2005
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making fun of someone for missing shots on the bball court
Rex shoots ball and misses completely.

Jim: dawg you suck at ballin
Rex: Yo man dont be dissin' on the missin'
by T-dizzay December 18, 2009
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Kinda like "what did I miss?", or "what am I missing?"
Eric: Yo, what's missin'?

Jackson: Not much man, just talking about that concert next Friday.

Eric: Oh yeah
by thesuburbanguy December 29, 2020
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When you really miss your krunkin-stumpin cousin and you wish she would come visit you ASAP but you realize you may just have to be patient because she will come when she can.
I am really katie-missin right now. We need to make up lost time for krunkin and stumpin!
by Crazycuz2017 January 26, 2017
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