Gyarados is a large, blue, dragon-like animal hailing from the hit Pokemon gaming series. Recognizable by its serpentine body and constantly opened mouth, Gyarados is a popular choice among male players for its fierce and intimidatding looks.
Gyarados evolves from Magikarp, conversely the weakest of all Pokemon by far. Evolving a Magikarp into a Gyarados is highly worth it, however, as a well-raised one can effectively rape the shit out of many other Pokemon.
Gyarados is incredibly badass.
Mark: "LOL dude you suck at Pokemon"
Mark: "you just decimated my entire party asshole"
by Implying713 June 15, 2011
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The accidental yet embarrassing act of blowing water out of a bong through the slider, soaking the Marijuana. It gets its name because the action closely resembles the Pokemon Gyarados.
It often happens with first time bong users who forget they can't blow out the ash like they can with a bowl or pipe.
"Dude, Lucas! You just Gyaradosed the bong!"
by E.Phillips April 13, 2010
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What happens to a penis when it comes into contact with poison ivy after taking a wizz in the woods.
Guy #1: Dude, I can't have sex for, like three weeks!

Guy #2: Damn, dude! How come?

Guy #1: I took a piss in the woods the other day, and my Johnson is so big it reached down low and brushed some poison ivy on the ground.

Guy #2: Dude! Your dick is huge!!!!

Guy #1: Yeah, but now he's got the Red Gyarados.....

Guy #2: Damn....
by CashMoneyDollaBillz June 12, 2011
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The effect of someone or something getting infinitely better/more badass/awesome within a short space of time, similar to how a Magikarp can evolve from a horrifically weak pokemon into a Gyarados, which is very powerful.
Amanda: Hey, have you noticed how Neville in the Harry Potter films is now really hot?

Jill: Yup, it's the Gyarados Effect.
by roostangarar October 12, 2013
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When a person who originally is unattractive ages/hits puberty and is transformed into a sexy beast.
Originates from Pokemon, when a weak Magikarp evolves and becomes a powerful Gyarados.
Jane: Did you hear about Brian moving back to town?
Karen: Yeah! I never imagined he'd go through puberty so well and get so HOT!
Jane: I know! The Gyarados Affect worked so well on him!
by Wet Noodle Bandit June 02, 2015
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