a advjective used to describe to what level something kicks ass.
"yo son, that chain is off da arif, ya know what ah mean?"
by fdgaefdg February 22, 2005
sex symbol, always referred to in contex of outside appeal or appearance
This "arif" character is so smooth
by anonymous river December 6, 2012
a smart guy who is friendly but is very small and high pitch voice
he's such and arif
by Hadley_is_wet November 6, 2020
The type of person who looks like a mad scientist. He may on occasion fool you into thinking custard is home-made soap (which he made of course). Thinks walking around in crocs is cool.
OMG, you're like such an Arif. Like dude that's cool.
by JustAPleb July 15, 2016
a person who cries when u call him a bengali
by pop sound February 24, 2021
he is the most beuatiful thing i have in this universe. he is smart, kind, supportive, lovely, funny and super duper creative. he look so hot. actually it's a secret but shh he is a ninja and he so good i mean in bed. if you met him you're so lucky like me but not like me. im a luckiest.
by meyrosd June 26, 2021