A girl you see, whether it be on Instagram on in the street, so good looking she reminds you haven't bust a nut in a while
Dude 1: That girl is a fucking sort
Dude 2: Geez she ain't just a sort, she's a raving sort
Dude 1: Fucking reminder mate
by Bamtheproducer August 16, 2018
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When you simply want to say you were reminded of something.
This remindeth me of remindation. To wit, the rememberance rememberates my braineth. Said remindation, being thusly, thenly, therely, thosely, as follows.
by felixh August 17, 2015
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Hym "I usually reminded of my things by other things and I like to go back an cover my bases. 🤷 What can I say? I'm a thorough genius brilliant hero."
by Hym Iam June 11, 2022
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What you get the morning after tangling with a Carolina Reaper pepper, the burning sensation of taking the dump to get it out of your body.
Ted really went after it when he ordered 10 Carolina Reaper chicken wings last night. He powered through 6 and then tapped out, though he took the remaining four to-go and finished them later in the eve. The next morning he got the early morning reaper reminder and remained skittish about his PMBM that was coming later that day. The whole experience gave new meaning to heat seat.
by the comand'r February 4, 2021
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A rancid reminder is the act of taking a shit earlier in the day and not flushing it and leaving it there. Once you return to the toilet later on and take a piss on the old shit the smell that is let off is known as a rancid reminder.
'Took a shit this morning, gonna go home and have a rancid reminder.'
by BlaxBro May 12, 2016
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A post I saw on insta just reminded me..

I can imagine you doing something similar too?
I still look at her picture a lot.. just a profile one she has where she looks absolutely breathtaking.. admittedly it's getting harder to look at the longer I don't see her for real.. especially the moments when I feel like I've lost hope

But today.. my strength held. I could just gaze at her for hours, watching her do anything.. little mannerisms I've memorized.. blowing her hair out of her face when she was frustrated or really busy.. the little smirk she gave when I knew she was sneaking out the back door to vape.. the twirls.. letting her hair drop and flicking it free with an elegance I can't explain.. her pout.. leant on her elbow at the bar staring into space.. not for nothing though.. I could tell she was just.. imagining something..

I miss.. and love.. her more
Every single day
Sometimes, you need a reminder what to hold onto
by 4_u September 11, 2023
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The act of raising your head over a wall, and looking down at the people on the other side.
e.g. did you hear ? the colossal titan dropped a grim reminder on the shigansha district
by THICCTITAN June 13, 2017
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