a scientist who invents crazy things, usually things that get beyond his scope of control, and may cause significant damage. He also may have a sick mind, or warped sense of humor.
Jamie, Matt, and Robert are mad scientists who live and work together in an old castle. Their latest invention is the six-dollar man, who did nothing but destroy their entire home, and laboratory. "Well, what do you expect for six dollars?" they said, and laughed.

The young mad scientist Kenny's new invention, Capital letter H, destroyed Kenny's home by crashing through the wall, and leaving an H-shaped hole. Kenny knew it would take years, to repair the significant damage to his home, and with the unhealthy economy, and Obamacare, at that.
by MadScientistTrio70 February 5, 2014
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When you've crammed so much for a test that you constantly repeat the facts you studied in your head, even after you've stopped studying.
You think about it while eating, while in the bathroom, while talking to your friends, while trying to go to bed, even in your dreams.

friend 1: I studied so hard for that bio test, I can't think about anything else. I've thought about the definition for homeostasis in my head repeatedly since yesterday.

friend 2: Woah, dude you've gone mad scientist.
by cramminandjammin May 2, 2016
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A sexual position or maneuver in which a male inserts a glass or Pyrex-based test tube into the anus of his partner and then proceeds to masturbate into the test tube, filling it with semen. He then executes a well placed donkey punch, causing the partner's sphincter to contract, effectively breaking the test tube, thus bursting into an explosion of blood, shit, semen, and glass shards.
I gave Julie a Mad Scientist last night. I nearly lost an eye in the explosion!
by TheFaze May 8, 2007
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Someone who is a tryhard at making relatable memes, but their 4D Chess-level IQ prevent anyone from actually having a chance of understanding their cringe humor.
Oh look, it's Mr. Mad Scientist over here making crap jokes. No wonder he sticks to doing science.
by InfernoDiamond November 16, 2018
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Der verrückte Wissenschaftler -> in English The Mad Scientist is a character of the youtube series "Juffsky ein Autist aus unserer Zeit".
Der verrückte Wissenschaftler/ The Mad Scientist has created a new Monster yesterday.
by Pasflow August 6, 2020
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Some fucking retarted mad man who creates potions and shit to bring dead serial killers back to life.
You motherfuckin mad scientist!
by Bill cosby’s boyfriend June 13, 2023
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a self proclaimed mad scientist mikami yamato is a mad scientist okay ,
he is a trans boy who is researching epigenetics and cyborg experiments ,
muahahhahahahaha i am mad scientist / i am mikami yamato
by Bata111 September 24, 2023
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