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Someone who can't keep a conversation going through text messaging. Texts boring things and phrases such as "K", "Cool", "What's Up", "Nothing Much", and "Hbu". Is awkward, even through the phone.
He was such a dry texter on instagram direct message last night.
by Kionow January 14, 2015
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Yumin Kim was born on November 19, 2004. Somewhere in the shit state that is Texas. Mr. Kim is currently in a relationship with the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL Elleighana Dunn.

strengths: BEING THE CUTEST HUMAN EVER!, piano, tennis, and 100% best pep talker.
weaknesses: TEXTING, giving his BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, HOT, SEXY, TALENTED, KIND, ADORABLE, and CUTE girlfriend Elle enough love and attention
Yeah jessica he’s pulling a yumin

yumin: being a dry texter
by uwuelle May 06, 2019
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