Someone who can't keep a conversation going through text messaging. Texts boring things and phrases such as "K", "Cool", "What's Up", "Nothing Much", and "Hbu". Is awkward, even through the phone.
He was such a dry texter on instagram direct message last night.
by Kionow January 15, 2015
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when someone can't hold a conversation and replies with one word answers.
"Jared is such a dry texter."
"amber can hold a conversation, she is not a dry texter!"
by tiktokfan2 June 1, 2020
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Dry texters are people who don't say much when replying to a message
Sometimes people say just one word bc they don't know how to reply to a specific message
Shitty explaining
Lucy: hi
Lucy: wow
Lara: my brother left me!
Lucy: oh (doesn't know how to reply)

Lara: ugh Lucy, why "oh"

Lucy: I didn't knew how to reply
Lara: you suck, your such a dry texter!
Lucy: oh
by August 27, 2022
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a person who has feelings for you but feels that he'll become embarrassing if he opens up
he's a 10 but he's a dry texter
by July 9, 2022
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Someone who can’t hold a texting conversation to save their fucking life.
Kara made me want to deep fry my left hand because she kept replying with “lol”. She’s such a dry texter.
by Kingsmith3 July 15, 2020
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a dry texture is a person who has no flavor in there texts. they never get jokes and they use the ugly laughing with tears emoji. its so disgusting. and they ae so boring.
DryTexter: Lol
NonDryTexter: you are so dry lmao-
DryTexter: What does lmao mean? And im not dry
NonDryTexter: I-
DryTexter: Finish your sentence
DryTexter: Please what? And what do all those random letters mean?
NonDryTexter: *blocks cutely*
Dry Texter
by LizardPro X March 26, 2021
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Someone who texts with all the personality of a wet ball of yarn. Their text messages are mainly 1 word or abbreviations
All he said to me yesterday was hi and gtg, he's such a dry texter
by SarcasmSanwich June 15, 2023
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