The person who will be be side your journey along the way till the end. Arif just know how to get things hyped in so many ways

Arif is very relaxed while pressured and has a good and strong character.

He know how to interact with people without having to try hard.
Yang Arif yang bijaksana
by Memorial November 22, 2021
Wholesome guy with a big dick. Is a humble person with strong morals, but can also be a really bad liar at times
That guys lying is as bad as a arif
by Doodiedoos November 24, 2021
Arif is so gay
by Wak_jabar December 30, 2017
A Gay Boy that is greedy and acts like he has money. Heโ€™s a young, lanky child that gets bullied.
Oh my days bruv, your such an Arif
by Lobster22 January 23, 2018
This guy is not just a guy. What is so good about him is you will be so lucky to meet or know him in your life. He know how to create something cool or fun environment. This person is super and natural in everything he does and sometimes come out with cool and not cliche jokes . A type of person who you can joke with and he doesn't know what heart feeling is. But, he also a caring person and love to be quick in certain times
Morgan: You should be like Arif
by Rizal Ahmad December 28, 2017
Only one Arife in the world. Arife's are very rare. They are humourous, and positive. Arife's will go out of their way just to make sure you're happy. Their smile makes everyone in the room smile. They are always happy and always smiling. They are protective in the best way possible. They are very caring and sincere. This person will show you exactly how much they love you. Arife pays attention to details and he remembers the important and non important stuff. Arife values himself and others. Arife is always doing the most. They are very family oriented. Arife's are hard working me , and also very handsome. They're full of life and are exciting. They are a best friend/ lovers that anyone can come across. They're very understanding with you're feelings. A little wild and small temper but they know how to control it, sometimes.
Arife' s are naturally loving and caring. Their love is real. If you ever come across Arife make sure you keep them by your side and don't ever let them go.
by Sincerelyyeffer March 15, 2017
Most interesting ,adorable and beautiful thing ever. Smart and the person everyone has a crush on. The best type of friend and lover. Perfect in every way!
You remind me of Arife , you're extremly gorgeous.