A slut that always taking care of people feelings and pleasure
Don’t put your child name arif it’s a bad luck
by Ahreff November 23, 2021
Arif is a very good-looking, smart and nice guy. he is very caring, he will ask you every 5 minutes whether you would like to drink or eat something, whether you are thirsty, cold, bored,....

When being with Arif, you have no other option than feeling super comfortable, he is a guy I would truly trust with my drink at a party. He is also very organized and hardworking. be like Arif.
I like Arif
by baezey November 22, 2021
orang yang kuat dan pemberani. dia takkan menyerah pada apa yang diyakininya
by cukid alit November 25, 2021
extremely shady, showing devious characteristics
why is that chicken being all shade-arific, posing as a rat??
by heather July 26, 2003