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Arif bestest and honest guy someone can ever have. A guy who can be trusted blindly. A guy with pure heart and intensions..... Anyone could be simply lucky to have him!! If anyone gets Arif in their life they should never let him go away.
Everyone can't be Arif
by Best Definations January 09, 2018
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This guy is not just a guy. What is so good about him is you will be so lucky to meet or know him in your life. He know how to create something cool or fun environment. This person is super and natural in everything he does and sometimes come out with cool and not cliche jokes . A type of person who you can joke with and he doesn't know what heart feeling is. But, he also a caring person and love to be quick in certain times
Morgan: You should be like Arif
by Rizal Ahmad April 22, 2018
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who is so smart, handsome, she will love someone who loves her, not easily disappointed, happy to be happy. At last it's not easy to forget someone who left her
"Arif you a si briliant"
by Aqua x marha December 29, 2017
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a advjective used to describe to what level something kicks ass.
"yo son, that chain is off da arif, ya know what ah mean?"
by fdgaefdg February 22, 2005
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