So basically Arif zahir is a voice actor for cleveland brown and a youtuber aka azzerz known for making impersonation of characters from games cartoons and movies check him out he's the best
Arif zahir aka azzerz intro: cough cough i do voices and other shit too
by Mike the quiet one December 27, 2022
A guy who has a foot fetish and most likely has a petite asian girlfriend who he has phone widgets of and sets cringey calendar dates when he goes to her house
This guy likes feet and has a petite asian girlfriend, his name must be samin arif
by jenniferpatterson127291 April 19, 2022
Basically this Arif guy yeah is a fat meatball who wants to flex some fake louis vuitton, He is the one who eats your foreskin after you get circumcised. he has a fat forehead and cant even walk properly across the street without getting caught between the light poles.
Be aware around this guy because he will kidnap and rape you in a dark ally way. This guy is so poor yeah he can only afford a Samsung mini, His shoes are so clapped his shoes go in a 83 degrees angle when he puts them on.
You have been warned
Arif (Smuck) is a fat nonce
by HahaXDGivemeViews December 15, 2019
1. What comes to mind is blatant abuse of lies 2. Filthy Cheat is the second thing that comes to mind 3. Anyone like Big Brother? He does.... LOSER.
"I come up with better insults in my sleep"
by Chris Sullivan July 11, 2004
Someone who needs help with English Literature. A person who likes camillia
Naven: Excuse me Mr. Mior Ariff, what are you doing?

Mior Ariff: I'm asking Kafu for help with English lit.
by Tom Bombadil November 13, 2020
A slut that always taking care of people feelings and pleasure
Don’t put your child name arif it’s a bad luck
by Ahreff November 23, 2021
Arif is a very good-looking, smart and nice guy. he is very caring, he will ask you every 5 minutes whether you would like to drink or eat something, whether you are thirsty, cold, bored,....

When being with Arif, you have no other option than feeling super comfortable, he is a guy I would truly trust with my drink at a party. He is also very organized and hardworking. be like Arif.
I like Arif
by baezey November 22, 2021