The acronym for Dragonball Z, it is the only anime whose viewing audience does not primarily consist of nerds and losers. A large portion of its viewers are actually "cool" (by meaning of social standards). As a matter of fact, quite a few fans of the series are unfamiliar with the term "anime".
A few of my friends who weight train at the gym gained their inspiration from DBZ. The show has actually benefited their wellbeing thus far. Which other animes can be accredited for doing the same?
by Ericsson Gregory November 7, 2005
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DragonBall z

Would have been a good anime show if Cartoon Network didn't mutilate and repeat it over and over and over and over and over like they do to Scooby Doo and Dexter's Laboratory.
DBZ on Cartoon Network. Why would I give a fuck about an anime show broadcasted on the same cartoon channel that showed and repeated only the first 60 of the 85 episodes of Robotech?
by AYB February 19, 2003
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Short for Dragon Ball Z, it is an anime that is both the next generation of the show Dragonball where the characters are all-grown-up, and either adored or spat upon by anime fans(real fans see those that like it as juvenile). The second reaction is based on several of DBZ's characteristics:
1: plot. the large majority of any DBZ episode (and theres a LOT of them) is that the planet its threatened with extinction by one evil guy or another, and it is the job of Goku (main character) and his friends to stop them.
2: temporal realizim. Not only do they try to save the worlds that each have 5 minutes till detonation, but they always manage to stretch those 5 minues across 10 episodes or more, becoming VERY tedious for anyone to watch at any closer intercal than once a day or once a week.
3: character originality. The premise behind 90% of the characters battle styles (once again, they battle almost all the time) is that they use a lot of primal screaming and "getting pumped up". This is agonizing enough if it werent for the fact that time is so dilated that a character will be twitching and screaming in gathering energy for a whole episode(often more than one), all the while using the same animation from last week.
Real anime fans don't watch anything on the Cartoon Network, especually DBZ.
by Angelknight dotorg February 19, 2003
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Short for Dragonball Z.

(The highly under-rated, and extremely rarely seen original Japanese version) A cool show.

(English version) A pile of shit. 90% (and that's like, millions) of people who are Dragonball fans suck. People see this childish, lame, poor, raped version automatically think the whole show sucks, thus, so many anti-DB people. And since these people are quick-to-judge, small-minded and ignorant, they judge something they have never seen and know nothing about, based only on a completely different version (the English version) which is nothing like the original.
Ever since the release of DBZ in America, I've felt shamed.
by Name March 21, 2003
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1.) The acronym for DragonBall Z, a fairly popular television show in America among people who don't know the premise of anime. This show lost it's popularity in Japan roughly fifty years ago.

See also dragonball z
My 3 year old cousin: DBZ IS ROXOR D00Z!
by Manawski March 6, 2003
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dragonball z is A good anime (imo) that is dragged along a lot. which is why some people don't like it, but it what makes the show great. (imo) consists of Z fighters fighting evils trying to destroy the universe, or the Z fighters fighting in world martial arts tournaments to win zeni. usually fights last 5-10 episodes long, some more 15-20, or even more. there are 291 episodes in dbz and it only has 3 main villians, so do the math. usually when fighing they scream alot to either raise there power level or to transform.
gohan: Ahahsrhrhahahhaghghahr
cell: DIE KID
by geekfreek December 18, 2007
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A anime show with fighting, power ups and cool music. Now parodied alot.
Why is dbz silly now?
by grapes11 January 16, 2013
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