a new age Carribean dance style that simulates akward sex postions and acrobatic moves. anyone who attempts this will most certainly look like a dumbass and make a fool out of themselves.
check ghetto party @ you tube
by ghetto party December 25, 2008
A live stream being broadcast from another device while commentating on the live stream, while it can be joking around or explaining your views on the person live. Ghetto watch party was brought about by the infamous Kari Sanchez-Garcia. The 1st ever Ghetto Watch Party appeared in D.D on Facebook
Guys it's Ghetto Watch Party time, I'm going live so we can all watch so&so live.

"Kari start a GWP on CmC she dry begging again"
by GETYAOWNIDEA August 30, 2021
The act of eating a Twizzler out of another person's butthole. Variations include "The Hot Toddy" where the recipient fashions a straw of the Twizzler by biting off both ends and drinks a hot caffeinated beverage from his partner's anus.
"Were you at the ghetto fondue party in Atlantic City last week? I can't believe Mike ate four Twizzlers out of Kyle's ass!"
by Djrock247 November 20, 2013
A gathering of folk usually in under developed cities and locations with poor economies.. felandering in a consensual and yet erotic manner. They congregate in run down establishments such as old condemned apartment buildings, under bridges and inside of dumpsters. They partake in mutual penetration usually on top of dirty mattresses covered in the seminal fluids of stray animals. Ghetto slumber parties have a history of massively increasing your odds of illegitimate children and the contraction of STDs, as well as potentially getting your wallet stolen. Contraception is frowned upon.
Oh shit baby run down and get a bottle of liquor and some scratch offs at the packy store.. we were invited to a ghetto slumber party!
by Ghetto slumber party June 4, 2018
When you and your friends decide to have a party but only invite prostitutes and pay them with fake money. Once you're done you tell them to get lost and then order pineapple and ham pizza because it fucking sucks.

Then you all start wailing on each other and breaking everything in the house.
The party ends with the smallest guy getting on the coffee table and shitting the biggest turd he can.
It should be noted that there is no alcohol involved in these events. Just orange juice. But not from concentrate. Cause fuck that shit.
Dude I wanna go to your ghetto smash party. Is it still on?
Of course bro you're always welcome but I haven't sorted out the prostitutes yet..
No worries bro there's loads down the street where I live!
Alright sorted :)
by leakywheelbarrow April 6, 2020