The teachers announcement was so long that Jane died listening to it
by Dictionary20 July 2, 2014
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A sophomore class-councillor that tries to make jokes during the morning announcements but fails at it.
Hey look, that announcer’s made over 9000 bad ones!
by Lawlbags! November 3, 2009
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When one wants their sports club to announce a new deal or player.

by techwithkem June 5, 2016
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1) Commonly abbreviated "TBA" on tickets and the like, To Be Announced is a common occurrence in sports and concerts. It simply means that a contender or act has not yet been officially announced to appear at the venue by the powers-that-be.

Although similar, with a bit of overlap, this is not to be confused with "To Be Determined" (TBD). That one implies that such an announcement cannot be made at all until certain conditions are met.

2) Apparently, To Be Announced is also the name of a relatively obscure band.
The tickets for next week's Sixers game say To Be Announced, because the other team forfeited. I guess we'll wait and see who it is.
by Trey4Life June 27, 2012
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make a public and typically formal declaration about a fact, occurrence, or intention.
the president's office announced that the state of siege would be lifted
by #THEGREATLYRA February 22, 2016
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1. 28g in Metric units.

2. 1/16th of 1lb in Imperial units.

3. To speak out publicly.
"Hey Bob, how much smack have you got there?"

"i've got announce"

"yeah screw your speech, how much have you got?"
by johnnya-b February 24, 2009
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A person who walks around in public places talking loudly on cellular phones almost as if they think everyone else will be interested in hearing one side of a conversation.
Did you see/hear that announcer on the elevator this morning?
by Paul August 24, 2004
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