a direct quote from the one and only true lgbt icon, niqabbi woman. known for hating america and gays, she appeared in a tonyvegas video where she bravely told the world "i will make sure we BOMB !"

she's now been claimed by stan twitter that she's the only lgbt icon in the entire world now after people found out darren criss actually was straight, and not gay. As the portal paradox, the cake is a lie.

it is also important to always clap three times after or during saying "wait and see"

this viral slang is mostly known for being used by the stan twitter community, usually the ones who can't find themselves a good looking man to pay for their dinner.
friend: i don't think that you look good today
me: wait and see ! *claps fiercely*
by mariah carey is skinny February 9, 2018
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Some phrase a teacher tell's a student especially in PE who doesn't do any work or studying in that class just because they know the work isn't for a grade. And thinks its just a period to have fun, play sports and talk with your friends etc. But in reality at the end of the quarter or whenever they have a test they will be shocked and wont know jack shit and will fuck up not only on the test but might fail the whole class as a consequence
Coach: Fritz you working
Other student: you know he never does work
Coach says to Fritz: just wait till u see the test

Fritz shouts: oh theres a test!!!
Classmate: yes dumbass
Fritz: its for a grade!!!
Classmate: yes stupid dumbass wake up and smell the coffee
by itsyoboifritz2004 October 2, 2018
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