Acronym for "To Be Determined". Commonly used in business.
Should we close this deal or not, we're not sure yet right?
Answer: TBD
by Eric July 8, 2004
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Means “To be Decided/Disclosed/Done”

Usually used to indicate something that is currently unknown but is expected to be known in the future; It is not known at the moment
The election results are still TBD.

I checked online to see my test score but it just says “TBD”.
by Mbiggz November 25, 2020
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To be done.

A task that is pending and not yet started
-What's the status of this task?
by Georg 3000 May 20, 2018
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Thick Black Dick: describes a beer, typically a porter or stout, that is extremely thick and hard to swallow.
That beer is TBD.
by ChaseW January 18, 2019
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“Time balance department”
If you know about cookie run kingdom, then you’ll know what i mean.
Insert quote from twizzly gummy cookie:” I. Hate. THE TBD! They’re always in my hair!”
by Cryxal_Rxses March 24, 2022
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So I was TBD in this cat right...
by Drift_91 September 9, 2012
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Titties By Default

When a girl has big titties, but it's because she's fat, not because she has big titties.
Check out that TBD. That chick must weigh at least 4 bills.
by David DanceParty Pierce November 6, 2005
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