To be Anist. To be Honest in a more funny way, meant to be confused with honest and anal.
Charlie: Hey Jeremy, hows rock lobs?

Jeremy: Tba with you charlie, it great!
by Huge charlie August 11, 2010
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To be avoided
Walmart is on the top of my list of places and things that are strictly TBA....along with New Jersey, reality shows, and herpes.
by JD Palao November 08, 2014
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Thot by association. When a female spends so much time around other thots that she indirectly becomes one herself. Very common in high school girls.
Guy 1: "Dude, what's up with julia? She's been hanging around that group of thots so much lately."
Guy 2: "I think she's considered a TBA now"
by Milk-chocolate June 13, 2018
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Toilet Bowl Action Sounds; horrendous farts, splattering noises, or any other noise coming from the toilet while taking a dump.
I should not have eaten that roach coach burrito, that thing gave me horrible TBAS.
by Megazine July 25, 2013
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Tufts Basketball Association

A place where those of higher learning get together and somehow paste together 6 consecutive, 40 minute games of the shittiest basketball you will ever watch. Championships are generally decided by who is on break/rotation, rather than skill.
"TBA gets me through the week" - 95% of the league.
by TBA GOD November 13, 2014
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