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Owners of most of the rendering plants used to make pet food. They are all multi-millionaires, but you wouldn't know it to look at them.
Samuel Stolfutz made over 80 million last year in a deal with Purina. Man... I wish I was Amish!
by Alfie The Horndog January 31, 2008
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A group of religious people who think that shiny things or clothes that are any color other than black and white will get you a one way ticket to hell. They believe that drawing attention to themselves is a sin, yet their very existence causes people to stare at them. Some can have tractors but they can't have rubber tires on them, because God hates tires. Their women have no idea what a razor blade or a tampon is. Electricity is evil.
I saw this Amish chick in the grocery store the other day. She had more hair on her legs than a mountain gorilla and smelled like a beached carp.
by shartner January 27, 2013
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A branch of the Anabaptist movement, commonly associated with voluntary abstention from electricity and other modern conveniences, use of plain clothes and head coverings, and an emphasis on farming. Their language, Pennsylvania Dutch, is used at home and in church. Pennsylvania Dutch is a derivative of German. Some Amish children attend Amish-only schools, while others attend public schools. They tend to be highly community and family oriented. The majority of the Amish live in western Pennsylvania, middle Ohio, and middle Indiana.
Mattie Yoder makes fruit jam every summer, bakes bread weekly, and sews her own dresses in accordance with her Amish background.

Eli Lapp used the public neighborhood phone to call the bishop, since Old Order Amish rules prohibit telephones inside homes.

The tourists giggled with glee, trying to snap photographs of the fleeing seven-year-old Amish girl in her plain dress and head covering. They didn't understand that Amish tradition regards photography as sinful.
by Skylark January 25, 2004
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Pennsylvania-Dutch people who wear black clothing, ride horses-and-buggies and believe that electicity is the spawn of Satan.
Amish people are still stuck in the ninteenth century.
by Me August 16, 2003
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an industrious people that everyone enjoys staring at in dumb, curious silence
The news reporters stared at the Amish all day.
by frigocking October 23, 2005
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