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As a person he is remarkable. One of a kind and even though Samuels can make mistakes in the past,they are humans, but they learn from them. There personality is great. They may be very shy and like to protect themselves but they def love to have a good time and have a great sense of humor. They are usually athletic and have a great smile and make the most cute/attractive faces. As a friend he would do anything to help
You in a problem. Samuels are great to confide to and will
NEVER give you bad advice. They usually come from a great family who is non-judgmental and have good morals for themselves and there children. They trust who their kids befriend and will always be there to help in any sistuation

As a boyfriend a Samuel can be remarkable to their girlfriend. It may be hard for him to express himself but he truly had a kind heart. Even though it takes along time for a Samuel to open up once they do, you'll be so glad that you made the choice to allow him into your life. They will love you with everything they have and do anything to preserve their relationship and stay true to themselves.

If you ever think about dating or befriending a Samuel do it or else you'll be missing out.
Whoa is your boyfriend a Samuel

One bonus is him in bed. He is an excellent kisser and great at being spontaneous and loves to leaves those lovely marks on your neck as to help you remember how it got there. He loves to experiment as always ask first before he makes a move. His goal is to show that he loves you and wants to make you really understand it. Anytime you want something changed he will fix it and make sure to ask
That our satisfied . He is a sweet lover and not just a horn dog. He likes to make things romantic. You'll come to realize that you'll fall in love with the little things a Samuel has to offer. And when your apart it kills both of you.a Samuel is worth the time
by Lovergirl95 April 22, 2012
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Samuel is a Hebrew name that means "G-d Heard". Samuels are usually smart, passionate, driven and very nice. They care a lot about people's feelings (even though they might not directly show it) and try to be the best friend and/or partner they can. They've got a vibrant, geeky personality that makes them very approachable, especially for people with similar interests. They acknowledge their mistakes and always try to improve as a human being.
Samuel's so cool! I strive to be like him in the future.

Isaac said Samuel is the person he loves the most in his life.
by samuelconnoiseur September 01, 2020
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Samuel is an incredibly sexy guy with large abbs and a HUGE... heart. He is really nice and won’t give up on you. Though he is very athletically inclined, he prefers to play his piano and violin in his extra time. He has big doubts about himself and self-esteem issues, but he is cared about more than he thinks. He has a friend named Sadie who sarcastically puts him down and makes him feel like crap. She needs to stop because it hurts him. Samuel is a neat, sexy, hot, attractive male. He also goes by Sam
I wanna have sex with samuel so much
by Pryzmalynk April 10, 2018
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A nice caring guy, who will accept you for who you are, He is easy to be around and he would never do anything to hurt your feelings. he is constantly horsing around and doesn't give a crap about school.
"that guy was so nice, he must be a Samuel"
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by persuaden October 23, 2017
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Well he’s idk cause i never met him but my friends said he’s cute and one likes him 😏😏😏 shhhh not supposed to say that add my snap sophia_dowd1
Omg it’s Samuel

by a dinosaur with dreams! April 23, 2019
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The nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s always there for you and won’t tell anyone anything that you’ve told him without your permission . He has been heart broke a few times by a couple girls. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s hilarious and will always make you laugh. Samuels are some of the best people to be friends with. Samuels are usually tall, have dark hair and dark brown eyes. He is caring and loves you. If you ever meet a Samuel be friends with him and never let him go out of your life. He is one of the best people to be around.
Person 1: Have you met Samuel ?He’s a great person!
Person 2: No, I should go talk to him.
by ❤️😊😳😉 May 20, 2018
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