As a person he is remarkable. One of a kind and even though Samuels can make mistakes in the past,they are humans, but they learn from them. There personality is great. They may be very shy and like to protect themselves but they def love to have a good time and have a great sense of humor. They are usually athletic and have a great smile and make the most cute/attractive faces. As a friend he would do anything to help
You in a problem. Samuels are great to confide to and will
NEVER give you bad advice. They usually come from a great family who is non-judgmental and have good morals for themselves and there children. They trust who their kids befriend and will always be there to help in any sistuation

As a boyfriend a Samuel can be remarkable to their girlfriend. It may be hard for him to express himself but he truly had a kind heart. Even though it takes along time for a Samuel to open up once they do, you'll be so glad that you made the choice to allow him into your life. They will love you with everything they have and do anything to preserve their relationship and stay true to themselves.

If you ever think about dating or befriending a Samuel do it or else you'll be missing out.
Whoa is your boyfriend a Samuel

One bonus is him in bed. He is an excellent kisser and great at being spontaneous and loves to leaves those lovely marks on your neck as to help you remember how it got there. He loves to experiment as always ask first before he makes a move. His goal is to show that he loves you and wants to make you really understand it. Anytime you want something changed he will fix it and make sure to ask
That our satisfied . He is a sweet lover and not just a horn dog. He likes to make things romantic. You'll come to realize that you'll fall in love with the little things a Samuel has to offer. And when your apart it kills both of you.a Samuel is worth the time
by Lovergirl95 April 22, 2012
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A Samuel is that High School crush you never told anyone about but you still run into an infuriating amount of times after you graduate.

They’re athletic and some of the smartest guys you’ll ever meet, but more importantly are genuine and stand up for what is right even when it isn’t the popular option. They work hard in silence and let their success make noise, yet always remain humbled by the process.

Everyone who meets a Samuel describes him as a “stand up guy” who is good at most everything he puts his heart into. They often have a strange assortment of talents and can’t stay still for long. Despite their attractive and intimidating exterior, they still enjoy soft things and do their fair share of dumb shit when they think no one else is watching. Ironically, that just makes people love them more.

Overall, a Samuel is the type of guy that you either love, want to love, or want to be.
“Who was that guy you were talking to in the elevator?”
“Oh, Samuel? We had a class together.”
by AndI— March 20, 2020
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A nice caring guy, who will accept you for who you are, He is easy to be around and he would never do anything to hurt your feelings. he is constantly horsing around and doesn't give a crap about school.
"that guy was so nice, he must be a Samuel"
by persuaden October 24, 2017
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Samuel is a wonderful, sweet, and handsome guy. He can be tough at times though. He's an amazing boyfriend and never lets you down. Once you fall in love with him you can never fall out of love with him. He's very charming and will always take care of you. He'll protect you, and make you feel loved.
Person 2: He's so coolll!
by OllieLoo October 17, 2020
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A Samuel is a very intelligent, caring, loyal, and handsome person. He can easily change your day from bad to good. Without a Samuel's presence it seems.....empty. He somehow manages to please you and stay true to himself loving a Samuel is the easiest thing to do...make sure you don't let go
Person1- so who do you like?
Person2- Samuel
Person1- Ah I can see why
Person2- Yep...I think I love him
by Idk💞 December 24, 2018
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Samuel is a person everyone needs. He'll be there for you. He's amazing at sports. Samuel is a natural leader. He's dedicated and really funny and charming, and deep down he's a real sweetheart. Samuel has a caring heart, and any girl would be extremely lucky to have a Samuel. Samuel is handsome and his eyes are gorgeous. He is silly at times, but he knows how to make people smile. He really has a heart of gold. He's supportive, and he makes all the girls go crazy. He's probably the most likely to leave a string of broken hearts behind when he leaves. Sam doesn't like to hurt your feelings, and he's a world class friend. Ladies love him, and he's the best guy I know.
Joan: who's that guy talking to Alice? He's really attractive!;)
Mallory: oh, that's Samuel. He's really chill.
by Sheflieswithoutwings July 16, 2014
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A guy who's amazingly sweet but doesn't seem like it.

A Samuel is loyal to his friends, girlfriend and family. He likes to play it cool around his family, act romantic around his girlfriend and play around his family. He's a great guy and if you don't know a Samuel you should really get to know one.
Samuel is an amazing guy if you get to know him. He treats his girlfriend like a princess, and he takes a lead in the relationship. He likes hugs :3
Samuel is a really funny guy and he has a great sense of humour. He doesn't judge people and he doesn't listen to rumours or opinions of other people, he decides for himself. He has a really good intention.

Samuel is a really trustworthy guy.
"That guy is really sweet... he must a Samuel."
"Wow that guy is cool... must be a Samuel."
"He's a Samuel... you can tell because of his loyalty."
by Hisgirlfriend;) October 31, 2011
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