v. describes the action of ignoring, failing to notice, or pretending not to see someone.
a person is usually snubbed when they are disliked or the other person couldnt be bothered talking to them.
see also blow off, fuck off

Pete: Stephanie snubbed me today when she walked past. What a dog! It's just cause she's stuck up.
Joe: Maybe it's not that at all. Maybe it's because your head looks like a rockmelon.
Pete: Maybe.
by b3c July 16, 2005
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when you get deliberately ignored or blanked by someone who knows you or is acquainted to you because they're stuck up, ego tripping, a tosser trying to be cool or you've had an argument
my sister-in-law is a fat cow who snubs me on a daily basis even though she's shagging my brother on almost a daily basis
by accessdeniedson February 8, 2011
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The sexual act between two women when one rubs her clitoris on the other's nipple; simultaneous nub rubbing.
I came so hard snubbing Rochelle's tit, and Blake offered to lick her clean.

I can't wait to snub her because her nipples get super hard.
by LadyAJ March 22, 2015
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the act of sendinga neglecting or one word txt response.
kalyn: hey whatsupp?
John: nothing
kalyn: SNUB!
John: i cant believe you.
by juanriordan February 28, 2009
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" Dude that girl has so many snubs in her mouth its ridiculous"
by FuK ma L1Fe July 6, 2009
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It is an alcoholic drink
Runnin round this bitch, pissy drunk off tha snub!
by LULU February 25, 2005
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