A person who is ashamed to admit he/she has no knowledge about a question asked so tries to hide his/her ignorance by inanely prattling on, dancing around the obvious and useful answer; "I don't know", which would allow you to get on with your day, i.e. go find someone who knows what the hell they are talking about.
You: Good Lord! My ignorant boss just refuses to say "I DON"T KNOW" so I had to stand there listening to his worthless bullshit for ten minutes. Finally I just walked away and left him jibber jabbering away. He's probably still talking for all I know.

Sympathetic coworker: Yep, he's a windbag alright. By the way, I overheard your question and the answer is yes.

You: Thanks.
by T-Ride Free Box October 30, 2013
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an exhaustively talkative person
see Ted Kennedy
What a motherfuckin' windbag! He just talked for 20 minutes, yet said nothing.
by thetruthshallsetyoufree January 12, 2006
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an officer, usually a major or above, who stands on a stage/podium during a briefing, ceremony, or just stops by your shop unannounced and tells you how dumb you are and how great they are. if you listen to them at all, you might hear something about drinking and driving or motorcycle safety.
the new commander is a real windbag. we had to stand at attention for the whole hour.
by lopeztheheavy September 22, 2007
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A British person. Especially a British politician. However, they are STYLISH windbags, as opposed to American windbag politicians, who are mostly just dumb-ass windbags.
by bloodonion June 22, 2017
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A derivative of the teabag. When a woman lies on her back and a man puts his scrotum in her mouth while facing her feet. The man then farts in the woman's face. There is a version of this called the 'freckled windbag' or 'speckled windbag', which is when the fart is moist and the woman is sprayed with fecal matter.
My girlfriend enjoys my farts so much that I gave her a windbag for her birthday.
by Johny P. November 6, 2006
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(noun) Any person who makes long, rambling, repetitive speeches, by speaking as fast as possible without ever pausing except to take a breath, thus effectively "filling up the windbag."
"I had this customer on the phone just now, I've never heard a windbag like that in my life. I think they must have been out of breath by the time they finished talking."
by DrasticBread September 25, 2019
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