1. a superlative term describing a person who is accomplished or exceptionally noteworthy in a specific field or area of work, sometimes though not always within the environmental or green sector.

2. to call someone the Al Gore of an area or field describes a person who had once experienced a tragic loss or hardship, but then later went on to accomplish great things. Gore's presidential bid in 2000 was considered tragic because he had won the popular vote but lost the electoral college to George W. Bush due to highly suspicious voting irregularities in a state governed by the winner's brother.
1. My geography professor is the Al Gore of water. Every year, he travels to developing countries to help bring about improvements to irrigation for populations without safe sources of drinking water.

2. Dave Grohl is like the Al Gore of rock & roll. He experienced the sudden, tragic loss of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, yet went on to front the biggest rock band in the world with the long-running Foofighters.
by D.S. Credito March 30, 2015
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A republican punching bag that was elected President of the United States by the popular vote, but, lost in the electoral college. The reason republicans beat on him is. well. because they know Bush was not the right choice. They are just in denial. Even though, Al Gore admitted his words were misconstrued.... oh wait that's too big of a word to use around republicans.... twisted, when he said he invented the internet. Al Gore in 2016, let's face it, Joe Biden will be way too old! ;-)
Al Gore was voted to be the 43 President of the United States. He conceded to George W. Bush.
by nineleven wasbushsfault August 25, 2011
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Vice President under Clinton. He Ran for President in 2000 and won the popular vote, but lost by 500 votes in Florida because the election was fixed by Jeb Bush and Catherine Harris.
If Al Gore would have fought harder in 2004, the American Taliban wouldn't have been able to steel the election again in 2004.
by Juan Gomez May 30, 2005
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Former Vice President (45th Vice President), Global Warming/Environmental Activist, Author, Businessman, Academy Award Winner, Prime Time Emmy Award Winner, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and winner of other various awards including a Grammy. Won the 2000 Presidential race but was forced to concede to incompetent, racist, homophobic, gold digging shit for brains Bush due to unfair and idiotic Supreme Court decision. He has his own website and more respect and admiration than Bush will ever get.
It's a shame that Al Gore wasn't allowed to be the President of the United States, instead we got stuck with that retarded shit for brains bible thumping cowboy Bush.
by BluBoi1976 August 6, 2011
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Al Gore NEVER said he "invented" the internet, this was pinned on him by the conservative media after he said he "helped to create the internet". Senator Al Gore was instrumental in getting congress to fund ARPANET, the pre-curser to the internet. He was only doing what all politicians do, taking credit for a pet project that he believed in and worked hard to fund.

It's exactly like saying Bush attacked Iraq, he didn't actually do it, but he was the main government figure that made it happen.
In his own words, Al Gore "helped to create the internet", which is true.
by Juan Gomez May 11, 2005
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Almost president. Damn near president... *sigh*
I remember the 2000 US presidential election... that damn Dubya. Damn Floridians; die, Jeb Bush!
Al Gore, you could have been the US prez instead of this moron Bush.
by Kerilyn May 31, 2006
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Vice President under Clinton. Ran for President in 2000, he won the popular vote, but lost by 500 votes in Florida because the election was fixed by Jeb Bush and Catherine Harris.
If Al Gore was president in 2001, 9/11 would not have happened.
by j05h May 15, 2005
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