my piece is a saying used as my gun or my gat.
random person- yo, how you like my piece
random person 2- dats tight
by Detroit_Boi January 19, 2008
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a way of saying oops my bad.
Sorry girl for spilling yo drink dat was my piece! And the girl responds datS ok but if you didn't apologize dat would've been real leech.
by EveC'da' Kid September 10, 2009
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A phrase used in a small regional cluster in the northeast US. It means to ensure that your own needs are met without regard to what others may want or need. Can be used in the first person, second person, or third person, such as “my piece of lasagna, your piece of lasagna, or his/her piece of lasagna.”
My piece of Lasagna” - Everybody at the ballgame wanted a beer, but Jenny just got up and went to the concession stand and came back with only one. When her thirsty friends protested bitterly, she responded - “I don’t care if you all are hot and thirsty. I got MY piece of lasagna!”
by NYCRocks June 09, 2019
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Stolen Credits Card Information is Currently Being used To Purchase Goods And Products Illegally
by Littttyyyy February 15, 2017
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a less vulgar way of saying "blowjob" or "falatio"
Guy 1: yo dude what happened to you last night? you just disappeared..
Guy 2: yeah i got some chick to eat my piece
Guy 1: well done.

Guy 1 to Girl 1: my piece
Girl 1: 4 more shots first
by cf171 June 05, 2010
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1. to sexually aggress upon; literally -to breathe heavily on one's penis

2. to assert oneself with unnecessary or inexplicable tenacity, esp. when less aggressive means are readily available

see also: riding my jock
a. "bro, you should try to hit that. she's been huffing on your piece all night."

b. "muthafucka please! joseph's been huffing on my piece to get this project done by 5. i think i'm gonna go get hammered instead."
by kagus christ March 03, 2005
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