The extent to which an air guitar performance transcends the medium and becomes a higher form of artistic expression.
Glenn: That Krye Tuff plays a mean air guitar. His Airness is unsurpassed.

Lance: I hear his Airness comes from playing 24/7 for his extremely manly boyfriend.

Glenn: What a lucky guy!
by Tommy McByrne March 12, 2008
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In Slang term, it means "Blank" which is ignoring someone.
Mike: "Yo Ed, what's up?"
Ed: (ignores)
Mike: "Yo why is he bare airing me for"
by Maltz May 3, 2013
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Being ignored by someone when making a statement or asking a question. Also known as blanked and turfed.
Person 1: Did u watch ** last nite?
Person 2:......
Person 3: O no u got aired!
by Pietro February 9, 2005
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basically means blanking someone which is when you heard/read what they said but you ignore then and don't reply
person 1: *send message*

person 2: *reads it but doesn't respond

person 1: why u airing me for
by UrbanSky February 20, 2017
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When Some one gets blanked or ignored by somebody.
He gets air

That girl gave him pure air rudeboy
by Critikal November 25, 2004
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When you dont respond to someone when they talk to you
Ayesha : hey x
Sofian : ...
Ayesha:why are you airing me ?
by Yung_gravy69 December 15, 2019
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Girl says to friend "whys jack airing the phone"
by Boveration November 2, 2017
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