Air is mostly nitrogen and oxygen and water vapor. We breathe it.
by HawaiianPunch1 April 14, 2020
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Commonly used in coastal Georgia to describe marijuana that has no effects because of it's poor quality.
"Hey man, how was that dime you bought from Tony?"
"Fuckin' air, dude."
"It was like smoking nothing."
by QueDOGG May 21, 2010
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Awesome French electronic band. Basically, two guys with a guitar, bass and a whole lot of computers and key boards.
Only thing better than listening to Air, is listening to Air very baked.

Tim: Air is so good.
Chris: Dude, I know.
Sarah: I don't like them very much, I think...
Tim: Shut up, nobody cares what you think.
by Logie BeAr March 07, 2005
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In reference to a jumpshot in basketball, to make no contact whatsoever with the rim, net, or even backboard.

Antonym of 'nothing but net'
Man be acting like he gonna drop thirty on us, but his first shot was nothing but air
by Your mother March 12, 2005
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another phrase to express someone getting 'murked' usually used by mc's when there makin a dub against another mc
that man got air on the roads!
by Mc Calibur May 31, 2005
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