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basically means blanking someone which is when you heard/read what they said but you ignore then and don't reply
person 1: *send message*

person 2: *reads it but doesn't respond

person 1: why u airing me for
by UrbanSky February 20, 2017

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A slang word meaning when someone gets defeated

Person 2: i know right!!!! She soo rekt in that fight
by UrbanSky June 28, 2016

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People that just hate on other people for no reason just to make themselves feel good and to make that person feel miserable when that person was trying to be nice and also when people are just stating their opinion in a non-mean way but people just take it the wrong way and start hating on you.
Just ignore the haters! Haters gonn hate

Stfu you hater
by UrbanSky September 15, 2016

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