A person having an avid love and sexual desire of aircraft beyond the average persons interest. They openly admit their love of aviation and all things air-related. They are often found prowling the fences of nearby airports, but it is becoming increasingly common seeing these people travel far and wide across countries to witness the act of airplanes landing and taking off. If you encounter these predators, take care not to make direct eye contact or obstruct their line of sight to the airport, as they may become agitated and/or aggressive in nature. They often travel in packs of 2 or more. They sometimes carry binoculars and more often than not high quality camera's. They inhabit the online world of airliners.net and can easily be identified in public by their compulsive urge to check flightradar24 and live ATC at least every 20 minutes and can be heard quizzing each other about air related trivia and such. More often than not these people are sad individuals, which do not have girlfriends or lives. The condition is a direct result of not being breastfed as children. They often pleasure themselves to either the sight or sound of an aircraft. Make no mistake, these are sick, twisted perverts that will stop at nothing to have a quick wank over the sight of a B747-8F extending it's undercarriage.
"That dirtbag aerosexual just pulled himself while playing flight simulator"
by TheBigSchlong February 4, 2014
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Means having no preference in gender, similar to fluid, sometimes like Male or Female figures, gender neutral figures or no one at all.
(Lots of people joking that it means attraction to airplanes.)
I realized today that going to that club, I was aerosexual!
by theonebigassault_345 January 13, 2023
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noun, a person who has obsession with aircrafts
all of the aerosexuals went to the airport
by Johan_L August 23, 2006
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A person with a sexual attraction to airplanes, as opposed to a mechasexual, a person with a sexual attraction to any type of machine.
The pilot was a total aerosexual, he got aroused just inspecting a 767.
by muffpuppy12 August 20, 2008
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Someone who loves planes and generally flies them. Also known as a pilot. Usually face large dilemmas such as choosing between the curveness of a Cirrus SR22, verse the tenderness of handling a piper (for instance)
You see that dude... he played flight sim for 22 hrs. What an aerosexual...
by big_gay_lucy September 1, 2010
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noun, a person who fuck aeroplanes. Only used when refering to women pilots.
She was a terrible pilot, a true aerosexual.
by James January 26, 2004
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Ha being no preference in gemder
Did you know that nigga Rafs sister is an aerosexual, which means she’ll date trannys!!!!!!!!!
by RafsSister=aerosexual March 28, 2023
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