Air Traffic Control - communication between Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots, which in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules - eg, the BIG stuff!) keeps the planes seperate and in VFR (the really tiny little planes) just agrees with them and tells them that they can't land.
Pilot: Golf Charlie Foxtrot (G-WACF) Departing Circuit to the North

ATC: Golf Charlie Foxtrot, roger, QNH 1019

Pilot: 1019, Charlie Fox
by Jags1 July 19, 2006
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A Touch of Class
A pop group with good sounds but manufactured lyrics. Lifeless and cliched are most of their songs, but a few of them are good to dance to.
Around the World by ATC was at one point the most overplayed song on German radio.
by El Fredo October 22, 2004
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by iRiShREPUblicANarmY January 24, 2004
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Assualt That Cunt. meaning beat that bitch up or having intercourse with a woman. other varations- Assualt That Crazy Cunt ATCC
by $J-Money$ April 7, 2008
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Air Training Corps.
Members are die-hard plane enthusiasts and they can and will prove it. They are also known as Air Cadets.

These cadets are very handy to have onboard a crippled airliner that's going down over some god forsaken wilderness.
Does anyone know how to fly a plane?!

I'm a member of the ATC, I can keep the aircraft in the air.
by Capsicle July 29, 2016
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Sheila: he is such an ATC!
Marie : you mean air traffic control?
Sheile: NO! always talking cock!
by fishfaceprincess September 26, 2008
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