Great game where you fly around and do insane stunts and rip the wings off a 747
Watch me do this with a 747!
Ummm. ghey.
Look the wing is coming off!
Flight sims suck.
by Georf January 14, 2005
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This type of software is often classified as a computer game. This is not so. A computer game, under most people's definition is 'enjoyable for more than two minutes'. In the case of a flight sim, these two minutes are often the time it takes to realise that the disk you've stuck in your computer isn't actually Doom 3 (a computer game).

Further evidence to suggest that a filght simulator is not a game can be provided by the lack of flight simulators on games consoles, as these would trigger the downfall to any console manufacturer who considered this suitable material.

Some people aspire to create the ultimate flight simulator in their houses. These are often located in their mother's loft space or spare bedroom. These can consist of several monitors connected to one or more computers. It has been known for some enthusiasts to replace the popular keyboard and mouse of a computer with actual controls or controls that resemble those found in real aeroplanes. This is often considered to be sad.

It is generally advised that these enthusiasts try a better form of interactive entertainment, such as an actual video game. Starting off with a flight orientated classic such as Decent or Space Invaders may be suitable as a half-way point. Alternatively, that failing, social interaction may need to be forced.
Computer user:
"I can't wait for my copy of Doom 3 to start up. Any second now, I'll be blasting the hell out of... What the HELL is this?!!"
by k9 The Great June 5, 2005
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Flight Sim (or Flightsim) is short for Flight Simulator, where people waste hours of their time, flying NOWHERE and showing off insane stunts you can't do in real life to their friends.
Can be used as a verb, as in, I'm Flight-simming, leave me alone!
Micro$oft FS2004
by Chris L. December 27, 2003
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