A code number which means: I loved you so much. This can be useful when telling an ex you miss them without actually saying it!
“767, bye!”
by Motherfucker in love May 9, 2021
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A plane from Boeing that back in it's heyday over twenty years ago was a technologically superior plane, but now has been eclipsed technologically by the A330 series!
Wow......back in the early '80s these 767's were sooo advanced.........the modern A330 aircraft technology outright dwarves them nowadays!
by Go Airbus! April 8, 2005
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A third world country slut who’s by default attracted to first world country’s men or their subsidiaries (men from second and third world countries who copies men from first world countries)

P1: Man remember that slut from the high school?
P2: who Sarah?
P1:Yeh, she hooked up with Bilal because he acts like locals even though he’s freak with such large titties.

P1: dude don’t be so shallow
P2: bro she wanted all the dicks at the school.
P1: I bet she’ll end up a poor hooker

P2: I bet.

by Hoesslayer May 4, 2022
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Kind of like a 757, kind of like a 777. Looks like both but is obese when next to a 757 and anorexic when compared to a 777. Comes in a baby -200, a pedestrian -300 and a way-too-large-for-its-engines -400. The 767 is fairly reliable, and competitively efficient. It's out shined on many levels by the Airbus A330, which is a snooty all-electronic penalty box flown by a joystick. The 767 is more engaging and sounds better. The A330 is the one the airlines choose. Why? Because, hey, it's European and looks like an angry Twinkie. The engines that power the seven-six are the same as those on the seven-five. So the 767 is the chubby kid in gym class trying really really hard on a diet consisting of a donut for breakfast and a feeling-guilty salad for dinner and that's it.
"Are we ever gunna get off the ground?"

That's debatable if you're on a Boeing 767.
by TheCarFanatic March 9, 2014
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A super cool person who makes god tier content
“hey have you seen jacob.767 on tiktok?”
“yeah he’s the goat
by don’t mind me July 17, 2021
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A type of aircraft that always fails, is late, or gets cancelled generally because of technical issues
I see my aircraft has had another British Airways 767 issue.
by yololiverb1 April 24, 2018
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