Cirrus is a handsome boy, he’s a seducer to everyone. He has the most beautiful eyes and brings good fortune and peace to his surroundings, he’s the most honest person you’ve ever met, easy learner and best problem solver . Have a Cirrus around you and no problem can stay unsolved!

When he’s in good mood he can make you laugh for hours.

Love you Cirrus , please love me back
by Rose gold 812 February 12, 2020
A withdrawal from an ATM that isn't owned by your bank that normally charges a small fee such as $3.
I was looking at a bank statement and saw a cirrus withdrawal and remembered when I used an ATM from a different bank.
by Bridganna December 26, 2011
A cross between a Plymouth Neon and a Chrysler Sebring, one of the most pointless cars ever to be assembled. Not sporty enough to be a sports car, and definitely not luxurious enough to be a luxury car. Should be called a Chrysler Circus, because whoever designed this car is in fact a clown.
My Chrysler Cirrus is a piece of monkey-dong.
by WompaWompa23 October 2, 2009
The ONLY single-engine very light jet. This plane has a parachute.
It is one of the cheapest jet in the world.
The Cirrus Vision SF50 is perfect for people that don't want to spend much money on jets.
by pylut February 23, 2021
A beautiful girl/handsome boy who has a fun personality but can also get a little crazy. They love to have a good time but at times can get a little carried away. Despite their slightly crazy nature they are an amazing friend and genuanly a good person.
Feminine: she loves to have a good time. That's why her name is cirrus

Masculine: hes an amazing friend, just make sure to watch out for his crazy side. His name is cirrus after all.
by Spring_blossem October 24, 2019
A plane that is used to go on Cirrus SR20 adventres.
Ryan: "Can I fly on your Cirrus SR20"
Billy: "No"
by XM9G January 3, 2023