a collection of "intellects" gathering over forgotten aspirations that have been transpired by bleak realities...
"Hey Dickson - are you going to the class reunion?!?"

"No - I don't think I can handle the degree at which these facetless lemmings take themselves seriously...
by stillcrazy May 22, 2009
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a show that was on Fox but then was cancelled in the middle of the season.
Each episode was a different year. As each year goes on they try to figure out which of the 6 friends killed one of the others. Each episode has a reunion of the kids.
by KCoops June 11, 2006
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A dirty, dirty word that strikes anguish into the hearts of all event planners that involves mental and physical pain and shear brut will to survive.
I cant belive Sally made it through reunion and back with only a minor facial tic.
by Sally Shoemaker May 20, 2010
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To gather together with friends of past times to share past experiences and reminisce of great times.
Hey Narkis, lets call some old friends together and reunionize.
by crown and coke January 30, 2011
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When people attend reunions and reunite with those they have not seen in a relatively long time.
This weekend, I will reunionize with my family.
by fire4546 September 27, 2010
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To have a television show you enjoy suddenly and/or unexpectedly cancelled. Derived from my wife's interest in the show "Reunion"
They moved "Kidnapped" on me to Saturdays? I better not get reunioned with this show!
by Evil Jedi October 23, 2006
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The act of sticking your finger up someone's butthole so that their pants and underwear go up the inside.
by Scout Hawkins December 29, 2011
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