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A Clothing Store For People Who Can AFFORD To Pay $15 For A Shirt, Like Me And Alla My Friends!
Jamie's Friend- Hey Lets Go To The Mall And Get A New Shirt From AE And Lets Swing By A&F!
by Jamie November 5, 2003
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somebody that sits at a train station all day taking photos and and numbers of trains
look at thatanorak at the end of the platform
by Jamie August 2, 2004
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noun. An act by an individual, whether deliberate or inadvertent, that will most likely limit one's upward career potential.
John's coffee room chatter criticizing the company was overheard by upper management and quickly became a career limiting maneuver.
by Jamie August 13, 2004
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Primarily originated in the NE of England esp. Newcastle, the charva occupies the bottom rung of the social ladder, characterised by a love of garish sportswear, cheap jewelry and Dyson hoovers. Houses chacracterized by wallpaper stripey on top, flowery on bottom, separated by dado rail, with a ceiling fan. Toon Army wallpaper in bedroom. Tasteless but expensive sofa, widescreen TV and DVD on 20 year credit. Citrus coloured toaster and kettle. Holiday in Tenerife. Profoundly inarticulate.
How pet, there`s two charvas in the back lane. Fetch us me gun, will yu?
by Jamie April 13, 2003
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the greatest football team on the planet. Based in Northampton
we love you cobblers we do! OH COBBLERS WE LOVE YOU!
by Jamie January 8, 2004
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