Reno is the shit, he is kinda tall, he is cute and has a big smile. He will make you happy. He is very musically inclined, he is very nice and funny. Although he is quite shy, girls think he is hot. Reno is a respectable guy, he has amazing manners, and a lot of people look up to him.
by lkdenf/k/al74 January 5, 2018
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Reno is fuckin awesome.

The people are super nice. You can go up to anyone and just start talking. Before you know it, you'll be drinking and partying like you've never done before. By the time the sun is coming up and everyone's droppin like flies, you've made some brilliant new friends.

You can do everything there: see good shows, winter sports, summer water sports at Tahoe, kayaking down the Tuckee River straight through downtown, Artown all month every July, the Reno Burners Fire Spinning Group, hiking, biking, the Beer Crawl...

The food is amazing, from the hoity-toity Sunday brunch at Sterling's Restaurant in the Silver Legacy to gravy and fries available 24 hours at the Awful Awful Burger inside the Little Nugget.

It's small enough to make friends like family and big enough for whatever you can think to want.
by JuicyPLUR January 1, 2009
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the biggest little city in the world; the place you to gamble if you dont go to vegas
I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die - Johnny Cash
by BennySPBU December 8, 2004
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A city formed by alcoholics in the 1800's who were too lazy to take their wagons over Donner Pass to California. A place to get a marriage/divorce while waiting for your haircut. A mini Las Vegas but with freezing winter temperatures. The casinos are abandoned on weeknights, feel free to get a $30 hotel room for you and your friends, take some shrooms and gamble until dawn no questions asked. They give you free drinks so you gamble more, but just don't be stupid and you can get really drunk for free.

It's Sin City, with a more convenient location for outdoorsmen, nature-lovers, skiers, fishermen...

There are also 2 cops for every civilian, they were too stupid for college so they pick on teenagers and college students who can barely pay their rent to fill their quota.

On the contrary, Reno is just a few miles away from breathtaking, crystal-clear Lake Tahoe, and some of the biggest and best ski resorts in the United States, huge mountains, also home of some very high quality marijuana.
Also very close to Black Rock Desert, home of Burning Man. It used to be a festival dedicated to art, radical expression, and free-thinkers, but now it's a week-long rave that costs $400 featuring fat middle-aged DJs rolling balls, probably born and raised in Reno.
1: Dude, let's go hiking, take an ice-cold dip, go mountain biking, then get smashed and go gambling!

2: Sounds like Reno! Let's drive the speed limit until a cop rides our ass just to pull us over when we speed up.
by dopelesshopefiend February 26, 2011
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The place where dreams are crushed, assholes are born, and smart people leave. And is half a mile past hell.
"Sparks is so close to Hell you can see Reno."
by The nightmares under your bed February 11, 2015
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When you're named after a city because no one could be creative enough give another. So you become as badass as you can be so you can make your name mean something other than stupid.
Reno may be insane, but you really don't want to piss him off.
by GridReaderFan December 19, 2016
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A place where toothless strippers and worn out prostitutes go to die
Did you see Bertha? She Renoed herself like her older sister Bessie.
by CAult October 9, 2003
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