Is the type of person who's typically shy but once you get to know her she's really sweet.She will do anything to make you laugh or smile,but has really low self confidence so if you know an Aeris keep her close! :)
Dude "who's that??"
Other dude "Aeris,stupid."
Dude"she's so cute!"
by Coffeeeeeeeeee77 December 17, 2019
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Aeris Gainsborough (also known as Aerith) is a main character from the hugely (over?)popular Playstation 1 hit: Final Fantasy VII. When she is first introduced as a flower seller she appears naive and innocent, but it is revealed over the course of the game that her character is more mysterious and that her role as the last remaining 'Cetra' causes her loneliness and confusion.

Over the course of her time in the game, Aeris falls in love with the protagonist, Cloud, and it is strongly implied that he is attracted to her, causing a love triangle to grow between them and a third character, Tifa, also Aeris' best friend during the course of the game.

Aeris' "last of her kind" role eventually leads her to her death at the hands of antagonist Sephiroth, as she is the only one who could accomplish her goal, although is is heavily implied in short story "The Maiden" included in the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania, that she would have preferred to stay with Cloud rather than take this extra burden. Her death was unexpected, rued, and the subject of many false ressurection rumours. The game implies that after her death, it is Aeris who eventually plays the pivitol role in the Planet's salvation from beyond the grave. She appears to reprise this particular role in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a film sequel to the original game.

It is a common misconception that Aeris' Japanese name is "Aerith", when in fact the literal romanisation of her name would be "Earisu", pronounced "Aeris", and both "Aeris" and "Aerith" being valid English translations.

In battle, Aeris is best suited to a supportive role, with her low physical strength but high magic power; her limit breaks are also supportive in nature, which reflects her character.

Aeris also appears in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis, Final Fantasy Tactics and Square-Enix/Disney collaboration Kingdom Hearts.
Ohnoes!!!1 Aeris is dead ;_;.
by FiF December 2, 2005
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The beautiful main heroine of the smash RPG hit, Final Fantasy VII. Aeris fell in love with the game's hero, Cloud, before sacrificing her life to save the planet. She later guides the Lifestream to defend the world from Meteor. Aeris sold flowers for a living, and was 22 when she met Cloud. Her best friend in the game was Tifa.
Aeris smiled in her last moments.
by Chika July 21, 2005
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See also Aerith

Aeris Gainsborough, the heroine of Final Fantasy VII.
There are actually two versions of the name "Aeris", one being the Japanese "Aerith", the other the English "Aeris"
by ChibiTaryn August 1, 2003
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Aeris is a amazing girl. She always puts others before herself. She is stunning and outgoing. Everyone loves Her. She has a few enemies, but who doesnt? She is kind a generous and hot as Hell. If you ever find a Aeris, Dont let her go.
Guy 1 : Bro did you see aeris today?
Guy 2 : Yeah she has the hottest body ever, and shes Super chill.
by Kkgeyenehuez1784 February 23, 2019
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The best godamn person in existence, She is special snowflake, and sometimes idiotic. She was named after a video game and is usually a huge nerd. If you ever date her, Keep her!
YOOOO Do you know Aeris? Shes the best right?!?!?

Yea dude! shes also super cute!
by OwO whats this? im confuzzled September 13, 2019
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They’re genuinely short and small, and they also always have snacks. They’re originally based off a video game, and very strong suited. Also, never steal their food. Aries or Aeris’ people
“Aeris is so cool
“Aeris has a snack lol
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