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For its time, final fantasy VII was a damn good game, because taking all things into consideration, it was made about 10 years ago. It is wrong to say that the graphics are bad compared to FFX-2 or whatever because the game was limited by the technology at the time. during the wandering around bits, yes the characters were very blocky, the backgrounds, while beautiful, felt a bit plastic and yes it is annoying that you take one step and suddenly ur in a battle. however character development was deep, the storyline is incredible (a bit rushed at the end perhaps, maybe they felt 40 hours was a getting a bit too long), the music is undeniably memorable, and the graphics, while sometimes poor, are saved by some of the battle animations (summons, spells etc) and CGI sequences. A lot of money and time was put into it and it shows.
Because of its mainstream popularity and huge fanbase, FFVII is also known mostly by those who prefer other FF games as Final Fanboy 7
based on a real final fantasy VII forum post:

person 1: OMG aeris is soooo annoying she is making the game so unenjoyable for me AGGGHHH, i wish she would just die.

person 2: hahahahaha..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ooohh thats just too good, no really stop it.

person 3: ever experienced a wish come true? lol
by the wangster May 07, 2006
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ok i just want to clear a few things up here
One Half says that:
How exactly Sephiroth managed to come back is never explained; where Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo came from is never explained; how Kadaj became Sephiroth is never explained; the full story of Geostigma is never explained; the plot holes from the game were never covered up nor explained, and how Aeris and Zack continue to exist is not explained.

SO lets start with the three grey-haired men. As the movie puts it, they are 'remnants.' They are in fact physical manifestations of Jenova's memetic legacy within the lifestream, sort of clones of a person's genetic remains, except instead of genetic, they are 'memetic' clones (born out of Jenova's or maybe Sephiroths will). the fact that Kadaj visibly disintegrates into part of the lifestream when he dies suggests that he was not born from a mother's womb, but directly from the lifestream which still contains the presense of Jenova who exerts some influence over the lifestream and Sephiroth (who is physically dead). Kadaj became sephiroth because when he took Jenova's head into himself, the jenova cells with their form changing capability did what ultimately would be in their best interest to survive and changed Kadaj into the greatest soldier ever to live in order to fight cloud.
Geostigma also links into the presence of jenova cells in the lifestream. When the lifestream, summoned by aeris, burst out of the planet to fight against meteor above midgar in the end of FFVII, the jenova cells within the lifestream infected many of the people in midgar. geostigma is the result of the body's own 'lifestream' trying to fight off the invading jenova cells, as explained by vincent.
aeris and zack continue to exist in the lifestream (and in cloud's memory/dreams), simple as that. if you are a christian and/or believe that people have a soul and there is such thing as heaven, think of it that way.
as for plot holes in the game - some things in the game are deliberately left ambiguous (i.e whether cloud ever loved aeris), many things are left for you to work out yourself and ARE NOT spelled out to you in black and white, some things can only be seen by backtracking or exploring every nook and cranny. that and vincent is by far the coolest character in the whole series.
hater: Final fantasy VII: Advent Children was lame as, you have to be a silly little final fantasy 7 sephiroth loving fanboy to actually enjoy this movie because us TRUE final fantasy fans are too busy hating fanboys to appreciate the amazing CGI, the very well coreographed fight scenes and some of the good voice acting in this film.
fanboy: be fair tho, vincent is cool
by the wangster May 07, 2006
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