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The son of Lucrecia.

Sephiroth was the first ever human to be injected with Jenova cells. There are many like him. Although there are few who are as strong as him. He is the person who called upon meteor to injure the planet.
Sephiroth is the man who will destroy this planet.
by Tommy Kerr August 15, 2005
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The man, the myth, the mama's boy. The main antagonist of FFVII. Started off as the greatest SOLDIER to ever have graced Shinra inc. (well until he went nuts and slaughtered an entire town, but more on that later). As shown recently his best friends were Angeal and Genesis. Both of whome did the whole turncoat thing first, albeit for very different reasons that him.

Sephi (as the fangirls, and some fanboys refer to him) was the product of the jenova project. Which was headed up by Prof Hojo, who is also Sephiroth's pops, and prof Lucretia, his birth mom. Now Hojo and Lucretia, whome was the object of Vincent Valentines affection (but that's niether here nor there so lets move on), were a couple of scientist who had a thing on the side. So when Lucretia got knocked up Hojo decided it would be the perfect opportunity to further the experiment, and so he injected JENOVA cells into the fetus.

Well long story short Sephiroth was born, Lucretia was thought to have perished during labor, and Hojo shot Vincent and turned him into a guinea pig.

Fast forward twenty something years, Seph's a rising star in SOLDIER. The hero of the great war with wutai, and probably getting more tail than the Rolling Stones (er probably not as much as the stones, but pretty close). As mentioned above he had two best friends, both of whome were the results of a similar project, project Gillian. Lots of stuff happened one of his buds dies, at the hands of Zack Fair (Clouds buddy, Aeris beau). The other one's more complicated to explain, but you can thank him for making Sephiroth the town burning, meteor summoning, flower girl killing, badass he becomes.

Well during a routine mission to the Nibelheim mako reactor (not that routine if your sending two members of SOLDIER to investigate instead of reactor speacialists), Sephiroth had a sudden case of the crazies. You see Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud (who was just an infantryman at this point) and their guide Tifa were investigating strange goings on at the old reactor. (Sadly unlike that episode of scooby-doo it did not turn out to be the grounds keeper old man Jenkins.) Amazingly this reactor, out of all the other reactors in the world, held the secret to Sephiroth's origins as a lab experiment.

While conducting a thorough search Zack and Sephiroth stumbled upon a room deep within the reactor. Within this room were the failed "sephiroth" clones created by shinra. (Apparently you can't succesfully mass produce super soldiers in any universe, eh live and learn I guess.) Que Genesis emerging from the shadows to make this fact abundantly clear to Seph, who had realized they were experiments but not based on him. In this room Sephiroth also found a door with the name Jenova written on it, he having been told all his life that his mothers name was Jenova (so it wasn't such a strech for him to connect the dots), these revelations led to him locking himself in the basement of the Shinra mansion.

One all-night cram session later, Sephiroth demolishes nibelheim. Slaughtering almost everyone and burning it to the ground, then heading off to the reactor to see his mum. Zack, Tifa, and Cloud (who arives after the other two) all confront Sephiroth. Tifa and Zack both get their asses handed to them, but Cloud feuled by righteous rage (and cause he's the hero of the story, and maybe cause Seph's attention is mainly on Jenova, as he's finally face to face with his "mother") manages to stab Sephiroth with Zacks buster sword. Thinking Seph's done for, Cloud goes back to tend to his friends. Meanwhile Seph decapitates Jenova and begins to make his way out of the reactor. Cloud tries to stop Seph again, but ends up getting stabbed instead. But since he is the hero of the story and still full of that "you destroyed my hometown" anger, he summons amazing strength and lifts Seph up by the sword (which is still inserted firmly in his chest) and launches him off the catwalk into the lifestream that runs beneath the mako reactor. Well Cloud passes out and we don't hear from Seph until Four years later.

Well that went by quick, four years later Cloud and Zack escape from a rebuilt Nibelheim. Zack gets capped just outside Midgar, so Cloud has to do the living for the both of'em. Long story short he teams up with AVALANCHE, or badass greenpeace as I like to call it. Avalance consists of (B.A. Baracus look'a'like) Barret, Tifa (how can she find a shirt to fit over those) Rockheart and three redshirts who die. Later they meet Aeris the flower girl, and stuff happens that has nothing to do with Sephiroth. Well until a daring rescue attempt that leads our stalwart group into the Shinra building, and getting locked up.

Well turns out Jenova's body, sans head, was brought there for safe keeping. Sephiroth whose been traveling the lifestream for the past four years has learned a lot of new tricks, including imposing his will on any part of Jenova's body and controlling it from afar. Changing her body into a copy of himself Seph proceeds to repeat what happened at nibelheim, by cutting a swath of death and destruction through the upper floors of the shinra building.

To make a long story short Cloud and his group travel the world trying to stop Sephiroth's evil plan. Which would appear to be world domination or destruction. Well Seph summons meteor, kills Aeris, and just becomes an all around nuisance. Sealing himself in the northern crater, were he had been the whole time crytalized in materia. The heroes meanwhile have to deal with sidequests and the WEAPONS created by the planet, that were unleashed when Seph summoned meteor and sealed himself away. His real plan being to become a god by crashing meteor into the planet forcing the planet to gather lifestream energy at the wound in order to heal itself, he would be at ground zero to absorb the lifestream into himself and become a god.

Finally they proceed to the crater and face off against Seph. First encountering Bizzaro Sephiroth, a monstrous mishapen version of Sephiroth. Defeating him Seph transforms into saefer Sephiroth, closely resembling an angel. Defeating him, cloud faces a shirtless sephiroth one last time in the lifestream, and completely pwns his ass with omnislash. An so Sephiroth dissolves into the lifestream his plans for godhood undone and his legacy as badass cemented.
I have always depended on the kindness of Sephiroth.
This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Sephiroth.
by Kaiser10 October 22, 2008
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Sephirot, Sephiroth, or Sefiroth , singular: Sephirah, also Sephirah "enumeration" in Hebrew).

Sephiroth (or "enumerations"), in the Kabbalah of Judaism, are the ten attributes that God (who is referred to as Aur Ain Soph, "limitless light") created through which he can project himself to the universe and man. These emanations manifest not only in the physical part of the universe, but also in the metaphysical one. Kabbalah distinguishes between four different "worlds" or "planes":

Atziluth , or "World of Emanations", on this level the light of the Ain Sof radiates and is still united with its source.
Beri'ah or "World of Creation", on this level the first concept of creation ex nihilo however without any shape or form. This is also where the Highest Ranking Angels are to be found.
Yetzirah or "World of Formation" on this level the created being assumes shape and form.
Asiyah'or "World of Actions", on this level the creation is complete, however it is still in a spiritual level. At a later stage there is the 'physical Asiyah' comprising our physical world with all its creatures.
Each of these worlds are progressively grosser and further removed from any revealed Godliness, however the ten Sephiroth manifest in all of them.

there are 11 virues of go crown, wisdom, Intelligence, Love or Mercy, Power or Judgement, Compassion, Lasting Endurance, Majesty, Basis or Foundation, Kingdom. then there is the one left out and that is death. death is never added cuz its the abyss of god/ absence.
Tree of life.
the tree of life is seen diffrently by both jewish and the occultist. some people dont know what a sephiroth is and always relate it to final fantsy.
by ko-ji October 13, 2006
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The hottest person in FF7 closely followed by Vincent Valentine, but go figure! Contrary to popular belief, meaning the word of a crazed-lunatic scientist who'll call anything that's successful his progeny, Sephiroth is Vincent's son, not Hoho.

Factors pointing to this, other then the conversations between Lucrecia and Vincent, are all physical.

1) Sephiroth is 6 feet tall. Vincent is 6 feet tall. Hojo the hobo is a small mofo. Considering that height is mostly determined by parental genes, seems odd if Hobo is the father.

2) Sephiroth and Vincent look exactly the same, minus the eyes (mako and chaos) and the hair (jenova). Are we to believe that Square Enix was sooooo cheap that they decided to use the same face for characters who are supposedly unrelated? So cheap that they decided to use the same brow shape, eye shape, nose shape and lip shape...yet Sephiroth is not Vincent's son but Hojo's?

Last but most important and definitely not least.
3) Lucrecia and Hojo both have straight hairlines. Meaning they carry the recessive ww gene and therefore can NEVER spawn a child with a widow's peak. Square Enix cleverly mask Vincent's widow's peak with a bandanna or bangs (when he was with the Turks), but Doctor Grimore Valentine, Vincent's father, sports a widow's peak in his brief appearance in DoC. Coincidence? I think not.
Sephiroth's two fathers in denile:

Vincent (to Lucrecia): But using your (not assuming responsibility, vinny?) own child for an experiment?

Hojo (interrupting) : I don't know what you're implying...blah blah blah...YOU are the LAST person to have any word in this. Now leave us at once, boy!(more like the one of the first person to have a word in this!)

Vincent: But...

Lucrecia: But what? If you have something to say, say it.

Vincent: Are you... Are you sure this is what you really want?

Lucrecia: Am I sure? Am I sure!? IF THIS ONLY CONCERNS ME, then yes, I am sure! (what a nice way to say man up to your child)
by LuVinSeth Crescent-Valentine August 24, 2009
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A nick used by people (usually morons) on nearly every website ever.
Often combined with numbers or words such as "Sephiroth666" and "x-sephi_luver-x"

Originates from Final Fantasy VII, a video game that has lost all its originality and charm due to endless remakes, fanfics, movies and other spin-off games.
<sephiroth69> omg hav u seen advent chidlren sephi is hawtlol
<darkbloodsamurai> I KNOWE!111
<sephiroth69> wana rp
<darkbloodsamurai> ok den, il b reno u b sephi
<sephiroth69> i remove my trench caot and kiss u softly on the neck
by Lungchafe June 06, 2006
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A badass/popular/coolest villain fromFinal Fantasy 7who's doing anything to destroy the world with meteor and he made the main character/hero Cloud became angsty with taking away the person whom Cloud loved,Aerith by stabbed her from behind.Also he has a cool theme song "One Winged Angel".

Before Sephiroth was a good/sane guy and a hero until he went to Nibelheim together with Cloudand Zack,accidentally he found a Jenova's project there, his heart had torn into small pieces,hatred,pain,and sad for knowing the truth that he's nothing more than just an experiment,so misunderstanding happened when he thought that Jenova was his mother plus of his loneliness,finally,Sephiroth had chosen the wrong path where he ended up himself as a villain,and died in a fresh young soldier's hand.

Sephiroth is potrayed as a tall,long silver haired,slender and handsome/masculine figure.

In reality many fangirls like him because of his looks, and fanboys like him because of his badassness..
Sephiroth is a tragic villain...
by Sky and Ocean 2020 July 15, 2006
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The greatest game character of all time. He tried to use Meteor to damage the planet so he could absorb its energy to become a god, Safer Sephiroth is as close to a god he ever was he even had a kick ass theme song in this form (one-winged angel). In kingdom hearts some queer assholes played a cruel prank by casting Lance Bass as Sephiroth.
Sephiroth = teh master of all evil
by Zach E. April 10, 2006
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