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an interesting character from the far-away country of Bosnia. You will most likely encounter one of these creatures on a bus. A school bus. He enjoys various illegal and legal substances and interacting with other Admirs, however rare they may be. He is extremely sweet and veeery attractive. Share a smoke with him and he may very well become a friend, or even more.
Rachel: Woah, look at that guy!
Kyle: Oh that's Admir.
Rachel: I like him!
Kyle: Doesn't everybody?
by yournameheregirl June 22, 2010
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CUTEST human being alive ever in the whole wide world.
Also, the biggest flirt ever. Looks awesome in vampire teeth ; Loves Aida and Mari more than anyone cause they are his hoes.
Any girl with admir would be the luckiest girl in the world because he is one of a kind and the best<3
by AutumnandSummer September 28, 2009
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A tall guy whose nationality is Slovakian that puts memes on his projects and has a wide selection of different memes in his mind.
Admir will become a meme expert when he grows up.
by Avia & bcaudeβ„’ June 30, 2017
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